My father had a STIHL and was always telling me how I should get one. I was sold on Poulan and other big box brands. My dad died five years ago and left me his STIHL. I used to have to replace the equipment I owned every 2 or 3 seasons. I'm still using my dad's and am very happy with it to this day.

- Brad, Kansas

I am a firm believer that every girl, no matter how prissy she is, needs to have a set of tools, garden tools, power tools - you name it, she must have it and know how to use it to get things done! A few months ago my fridge sprung a leak, my dishwasher was fed hand soap by my toddler, and my washing machine nearly exploded - all over the course of a couple weeks. Out came my trusty wet/dry vacuum and in no time, the water, the mess, the gunk - it was all gone! I have tile floors in about 90% of my house and this little gem made cleaning up almost fun!

- Kerry, Texas

Several days after the massive F5 tornado hit Joplin, Missouri, I brought my STIHL 440 Magnum® to help clean up the unbelievable aftermath of mangled trees. I ran my STIHL all day long, carefully avoiding the barbed wire, nails, metal roofing, and random objects that had become tangled up in the limbs. The unbeatable anti-vibration system allowed me to buck and limb dozens of trees without getting fatigued. It was a great helping the families of Joplin begin recovery from such a disaster. My STIHL ended the day just as strong as it started!

- Will W., Oklahoma